Head Coach/ Programmer and celebrity trainer Mark Soo, hails from Queensland, Australia –an area that has more personal trainers, gyms and sports clubs per capita than anywhere in the world. A short drive you can visit over 120 CrossFit boxes and hundreds of different gyms and sports clubs. Soo was fortunate enough to train with many talented coaches and top notch facilities. Never satisfied and with the desire to continue to learn, stays on top of the game by travelling worldwide to train with top coaches from around the world to be at the forefront of the industry. Trained under many high level pros including Matt Swift Australia’s grand father of CrossFit . Adrian Bozman, Head CF Games Judge and kettlebell grand master Steve cotter to name a few. Considered to be one of the founding fathers of functional training in China was one of the first expat trainers in the country and pioneered specialty fitness for over 16 years . He was responsible for the first bootcamps, adventure fitness getaways, body transformation competitions, along with the first strongman style workouts, first kettlebell and public weightlifting programs. Founder of China Kettlebell Club and Iron Dragon was the first certified kettlebell and Crossfit trainer in the country. With a career spanning 20 years working in health & fitness and a training history of 30 years, started with calisthenics, traditional bodybuilding and then powerlifting. After a decade of traditional routines, transitioned into cross training and alternative methods for strength/power and conditioning. Following CrossFit from its infant stages in 2004 began integrating CF workouts for his clients from 2006. Coming to China at the beginning of the century was the ticket to abandoning the common gym training, as at that time there was hardly any gyms in existence. The first commercial gyms just started entering the market- from then Mr Soo decided to open the first Personal training studio and later the first CrossFit gym and “ultimate big boys playhouse”. Mark has over 23,000+ coaching hours and holds over a dozen different fitness certifications also a Master degree in Industrial Design and has worked for numerous leading fitness brands over the entire supply chain to design develop and test new products entering the market. He is known for out of the box training and the go-to-guy if you looking for serious performance. His clientele include CEOs, lawyers, diplomats, athletes basketball, soccer and american football, fighters and other A-listers, also the strength coach for SRFC (Shanghai Rugby Football Club). Has also trained When not coaching or training himself you can find him eating a bag of chips and sipping on a nice whiskey.

Born and grew up in a small Russian Siberian village where he did manual work since childhood, chop firewood, mow hay and field work. Though out his childhood he played soccer and basketball achieving good results and formed a solid base through physical sports training and also adaptation to hard physical work. 2003 he discovered kettlebell training and at the age of 15 years Anton began to play kettlebell sport and participated in competitions of different levels. At the time entering university, Anton became the strongest kettlebell sportsman of Zabaikailsky region in his weight category and represented the national team of the region in the All-Russian competitions, and has won many awards. Anton was trained by the best-known kettlebell sportsmen of the country – champions of Europe, World champions and World Cups champions. Anton was the leader of the institute team and this team became the strongest among all institutions in the city.
During 13 years of kettlebell sport Anton has gained invaluable experience and skills, today he shares with you using the most advanced techniques and secrets of the Russian kettlebell sportsmen which are the strongest in the World. Over many years Anton has won a lot of awards including
– The eight-fold champion of Zabaykalsky region;
– The three-fold winner of the open tournament “Transbaikal Games”
– The two-fold prize-winner of the masterful tournament of the Honored Master of Sports named by Leonov S. T.
-Champion of the open Army Championship
– The three-fold bronze prize-winner of the team championship of Russia
-All round champion of the World Association of Kettlebell Clubs, Kettlebell World Grand Prix Shanghai, China 2016
-Honored guest of IWF 2017 Shanghai, «China Fitness»
Anton offers several options of the training preparation:
– group functional training fitness for whole body, directed to increase the general physical training;
– individual and group trainings of basic competitive movements: jerk, snatch, long cycle;
– individual and group trainings of kettlebell juggling;
– preparation for competitions and consultations.
At the moment not just a trainer, but also he is actively promoting kettlebell sport through various trainings and seminars around China.

Soufiane has recently come to Shanghai from France and has been training fitness for the past 10years. In 2009 became listed as an official competitor attending various Powerlifting competitions. Most notable achievement winning the French National Championship in 2011 Junior category -74kg. Also during this time he trained and learnt the coaching profession with his coach and mentor Emmanuel Marc, ex MMA French champion. Working
together for many years in Paris, he coached many different types of people from beginners who wanted to gain volume or lose weight to professional athletes who wanted to improve their physical condition. Soufiane is a passionate former athlete who understands what is takes to help people to achieve their goal. Not only to get fit, but to STAY fit and develop a positive state of mind around sport, good nutrition and happiness. All these years i have kept developing my professional and human skills in strength and conditioning and also in fitness field, and now in China for new challenges.

Stefan has recently moved to Shanghai from Serbia. His background is predominately in basketball but has been an active athlete with experience in different sports since an early age. (Swimming , Tennis, Karate, Real
Aikido). Along with practicing different sports, basketball has always been his main focus. In 2007 he received a D2 student athlete Scholarship in the US, where he obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration and a minor in Physical Education. His first encounter with Crossfit was in Tampa, Florida in 2010 and been an active crossfiter ever since. Stefan is passionate about overall functional fitness and is driven to motivate others to follow suit and achieve their personal goals. He holds a brown belt in Karate, Shotokan and Okinawa styles, a blue belt in Real Aikido ( Serbian Martial Arts, trained under the founder Ljubomir Vracarevic). Stefan is still an active basketball player who during the year enjoys playing 5 on 5 , but his favorite basketball discipline is playing competitive 3 on 3 popularly known as streetball (3×3), which is tougher, more physical than 5 on 5 and is played outdoors in the summer. Some personal achievements include:
– Winner of the King of the Rock 1 on 1 competition, Paris (France)
– Finalist Top 32 King of the Rock 1 on 1 competition 2015,2016 (Serbia)
– 3×3 Serbian National Finalist, 2015, 2016.
– Personal deadlift record is 215kg


From Bulgaria has been active and training martial arts and teaching for over two decades has trained with various champions across Europe and USA. Now in China for the past few years is a former Bulgarian national team champion and holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. Most notably European Champion and Vice World Champion. Dimi has conducted hundreds of personal trainings through Europe, Asia, and United states. Has trained at the famous Shaolin monostary also in various and dojos in Japan and conducted seminars across China.

– II dan in World Pro-Tae Kwon Do Federation, China
– Taekwondo lessons in Jiyang College – Zhuji city
– Former national TKD player, taekwondo coach (ITF, WTF)
– Victory vs European champion, Vice-World champion and Asian players
-2014 – Tae-bo Instructor No. 1 in Bulgaria for 2014, award by BeautyLife Fitness
2013 – Work-out session in Chicago and New York City, USA
2012 – Tae-bo seminar in Shanghai, China and Sanya island
2007 – Tae-boxing instructor
1998-2006 – fitness instructor, Taekwondo ITF, IWF
1997 – National Championship, 1st place under 57 kg
1996 – “Etropole Open” tournament, 1st place under 54 kg
1995 – Training camp with gen. Choi Hong Hi – founder of Taekwondo
1995 – National team player WTF – European cup, Thessalonica, Greece;
1995 – Bulgaria Open, 1st place under 54 kg
1994 – National tournament, 1st place– under 57 kg
1994 – Sofia Open Cup, 1st place under 55 kg


Country: Costa Rico


Rodrigo Barboza (Rod) was born in Venezuela where he started his early career in Martial Arts practicing Karate for several years.

Once he moved to Costa Rica, he started training the Kickboxing disciplineand right after a couple of years he became the Costarican supermiddle weight champion.
He ran his own Kickboxing – Muay Thai gym for four years, receiving Instructor certifications from Kru Panya Kraitus(Muay Thai) and Sensei Walter Alvarado (Kickboxing).
More recently Rod moved to Chiang Mai-Thailand to improve his knowledge in this martial art (2008). He became a fighter and trainer under Lanna Muay Thai Camp (Kiatbutsaba). He fought over 40 times in different parts of Thailand.
In 2012 he received the Muay Thai Teacher certification from the Muay Thai Institute(Bangkok) and the Ministry of Sports and Education of Thailand.
Recently he moved to Shanghai where he is instructing students at Iron Dragon Crossfit.

Rodrigo Barboza (Rod) was born in Venezuela where he started his early career in Martial Arts practicing Karate for several years. Once he moved to Costa Rica, he started training the Kickboxing discipline. After a couple of years he became the Costarican supermiddle weight champion. From there he ran his own Kickboxing – Muay Thai gym for four years, receiving Instructor certifications from Kru Panya Kraitus(Muay Thai) and Sensei Walter Alvarado (Kickboxing).

To further improve hes training and knowledge Rod moved to  the center of Muay Thai action Chiang Mai-Thailand in 2008. For the next six years he became a professional fighter and trainer under Lanna Muay Thai Camp (Kiatbutsaba). He has fought over 40 times in different parts of Thailand.  In 2012 he received the Muay Thai Teacher certification from the Muay Thai Institute(Bangkok) and the Ministry of Sports and Education of Thailand.  Recently he moved to Shanghai where he now conducts the kickboxing/ muay thai curriculum at Eternity Fitness.

Costarican Middle Weight Champion Kick boxer

Certified Muay Thai Instructor Muay Thai Institute
Kru Panya Kraitus(Muay Thai)

Certified Kickboxer under Walter Alvarado

Over 40+ professional fights

A Chinese native has been training fitness for 8 years including more than 3 years experience in Crossfit. She also is an experienced dance teacher with many years background in modern dance and hip hop. Attending many workshops and seminars with leading performers and choreographers, she’s bringing a unique mix of dance coordination and agility to fitness strength and tenacity. Alice strongly believes each of us can achieve an energetic and fit lifestyle. Knowledge of nutrition and crossfit techniques have helped Alice to support her clients getting strong and healthy and to achieve their fitness goal. Having trained along with hundreds of practitioners, from beginners to advanced levels, Crossfit is now her main modal of training. Alice holds a diploma in journalism and when she’s not training at the box, Alice enjoys traveling, photography and eating dark chocolate.



Country USA

Classes: MMA, Bootcamp

Born in the USA, Andrew grew up playing organized sports throughout his youth. Beginning his studies in martial arts at age 6 and continuing his training through adulthood, he has studied a variety of different styles including: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, western fencing, Kenjutsu, and mixed martial arts (emphasizing boxing, kick boxing, and grappling). While serving in the US Marine Corps Infantry he continued studying martial arts in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

As a private fitness coach, Andrew teaches: boxing, kick boxing, grappling, and self defense as part of the mixed martial arts program. Teaching mixed martial arts is an extension of Andrew’s focus on living a healthier life, developing and maintaining good body control, and having a damn good time.