Eternity Fitness Inc. founded in 2001 was the first specilaty fitness company and  also the first expat gym. Originally started as a company for import export of fitness products, sport supplements and design of fitness equipemt, at what was the dawn of commercial fitness industry in China.  At the time commerical gyms had just started appearing and only a handfull of yoga and dance studios. 13 years ago Eternity VIP Fitness opened China’s first personal training and boutique fitness studio in Shanghai with the focus of bringing new cutting edge training and programs to the undeveloped market. Since then has set new standards and pushed the limits of fitness in China. Within Shanghai, most of the known coaches in town have started,  trained or can be traced back to us in some way… Our ways have influenced , inspired many and also have been straight out copied.

Pioneers of a new concept in personalized fitness..we don’t follow trends, we make them!

China’s First and most established Personal Training and specialty fitness.

First fitness in China to emphasize quality training, certified teachers and community. A holistic approach to training including lifestyle analysis and nutrition planning rather than just promoting a facility and equipment.  This more common now but years ago unheard of.

First to take a complete turn from the market trend of bigger and crowded=better (20-60ppl group classes fit as many as possible)… instead promoting small groups of up to 8 within intimate setting and details, limited memberships at any given time. Class bookings by appointments only.

First and only in China for complete 1-1 personal training program in a total private gym and studios. Complete privacy, tailored workouts, enjoy complete attention, no need to share!

First on mainland China for outdoor BOOTCAMPS citywide Outdoor progressive fitness program at one time up to 14 locations. Though unfortunaelty once polution was graphed popularity for outdoor training decreased.

Focus on designing original, non-mainstream fitness classes- HOT PILATES, POWER STRETCH, FIT BALLET, CAPOEIRA AEROBICS, KALI STICK FIGHT WORKOUT, DETOX, JOINTS & BACK OFFICE YOGA, BODY BLAST, GLADIATOR, SMACKDOWN etc this was a decade ago no one had these types of classes in town!First adventure fitness getaways to mountasins beaches and outdoors around greater shangahi 


First City-wide Body Transformation Fitness Competition “Fit for Eternity” a 10 week challenge to promote healthy lifestyle for office workers.

First to introduce Kettlebell Training Program to the masses followed by the first actual kettlebell gym.

First facility for Ninja Warrior Training

The First cross training and Affiliated gym in China

First warehouse gym with urban design and graffiti

The first international fitness community in Shanghai with the most culturally diverse mix of members

Organizers of the China Throwdown Multi sport fitness festival . the first strength sport community celebration held at the famous Pearl Tower


We are dedicated to help building the China fitness industry and creating a community network of like minded fitness enthusiasts from around the world that share our passion for wellness.

For the beginner to the experienced, we have a class and program for every one on a path to greater health and well-being. Whether you wish to lose weight, improve muscle tone, find your spirit or train like an athlete-