We believe a holistic approach to fitness is ideal. A program that can stimulate the body from both inside and out will lead to a total progressive improvement in physical appearance, overall health and well-being. Not one exercise is best, or better than another. All are different and have their own advantage, more so depends on your own goals.  Through an array of different programs you can learn and enjoy the benefits of all these aspects combined for a perfect balance of harmony to achieve overall fitness and longevity.

We are  famous for having the most high intensity hardcore classes in the city to get you results FAST! Whether you goal is fat burning, gaining muscle, or seeking motivation what ever your level, we have a program that’s suitable for you. Our training can be used as a standalone program which can be set for anyone training 2 to 7 days a week or as a addition to enhance your own specific sport or outside activity.


For more than a decade ETERNITY FITNESS Inc has been dedicated to bringing locals and expats the most up-to-date, unique and original fitness training programs available in the country. Although many have tried to duplicate us, we continue to strive ahead as the industry leader in original and alternative functional fitness.  We will continue to develop the market and promote awareness in fitness and health in China for many years to come. Be part of our community of like minded fitness enthusiast who not only are committed to living healthy but also excelling in all aspects of life.

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle should not be about restrictions, boring life or a training chore.  You can still enjoy and indulge in all your favorite comfort foods and drinks while looking good and feeling great! Life is short so enjoy it !

A fit life forever..