Success Stories


Wayne’s the typical story of a senior manger, expat living and working in a foreign country. Long and unusual work hours, international conference calls, traveling and big dinners outings with coworkers and clients- means bad sleeping patterns and over eating becomes routine. One of the first members at Eternity, he suffered from limited movement, knee, shoulder, back pain and high blood pressure before finally making the decision something had to change.  Over the last years has completely transformed his life and become one of the fittest and quiet possibly the strongest in town for his age group. Within a year has regained all range of movement, coordination, and lowered BP and body fat % . He still holds the record of a 330KG leg press. Not bad for an ol’ fella , ” Training at Eternity has kept me out of the restaurants & bars and out of trouble on Saturday nights. At first was a bit apprehensive and missed going out, but after a few months I could feel my body changing, and has gotten me into my best shape ever! Although I travel lots I still haven’t found any other place like it! Thanks guys!”   WAYNE V. 64, USA


“Hi Eternity Team!

We just want to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all of you for your coaching, support & ass-kicking over the past 12 months. You really are a dynamic & fun loving team and we have learned so much from each one of you.

We have been impressed and inspired by your genuine dedication to instructing others in health and nutrition and that you live what you teach.

We will be leaving Shanghai early July 2010, but hope to drop in and see you from time to time.

Have a wonderful start to the year and we will see you soon!

All the best!”   Allan & Erica West



“So, we are closing fast on week 5 of the challenge, and I am feeling great! I am starting to actually feel stronger and I can feel my cardio starting to improve.


I can already feel the belt getting loose and shirts starting to be baggy. Did a muscle work out the other day and then boot camp and feeling fine. Looking forward “not” to body blast today but going to give it a try.”   Ramin


“I had a lot of fun yesterday at Eternity with the kickboxing session with Yves, the kickboxer with a sense humor, who is encouraging and very scary at the same time.
I think I’ll be back for more punishment. All the childhood watching of Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan, and not to forget Jean Claude Van Damme will now be vindicated ;)”