Corporate & Adventure Getaways

All round strength and conditioning program with emphasis on improving overall health and fitness and lowering stress. Tailored programs for companies and private groups to encourage team work and ensure better employee relations, improved performance and lower sick days. We conduct training camps in private at our facility, your chosen venue or around the greater Shanghai area, Moganshan, Suzhou, Tantou Island, Ningbo etc.  Fully custom programming means we incorporate training based on your companies size and specific needs. Elements include circuit training,  bootcamps, games, kickboxing and self defence also leadership and problem  solving and health wellbeing topics.  Further more individual programming for senoir mangement who prefer more detailed and exclusinve  one-on-one executive program



The Benefits

For companies, the benefits of a tailored program are the reduction of: Healthcare costs; Absenteeism/sick days (average 15% annually); Workers compensation and disability costs ; Injuries As well, the increase of: productivity, company loyalty and higher levels of energy and concentration with improved morale amongst employees.  For private groups have the exclusive moment and a memorable weekend



ETERNITY teams up with leading medical centres, hospitals, physiotherapists and other specialists to provide a complete solution to boost productivity in your workplace:

Team Building

We create unique events and scenarios to meet the requirements of individual companies on a case-by-case basis. The programs have been specially designed to teach individuals to perform as a group to achieve a desired result. Fitness and problem solving based games promote the confidence within the staff while breaking down interpersonal barriers and strengthening relationships. Events are conducted at various locations around Shanghai city and neighbouring provinces and our Corporate training facility.





Seminars & Wellness Workshops

ETERNITY shares the expertise and knowledge through seminars and workshops. Popular seminars include employee wellness, stretching and relaxation techniques in the workplace, yoga for stress relief and better performance, importance of core and resistance training, importance of nutrition and diet planning and exercise for a healthy life etc. Educational programs provide your employees with the information and guidance they need for a healthier personal and work lifestyle.

Group Fitness & Personal Training

All round fitness and conditioning program with emphasis on improving health and fitness and lowering stress. Conducted in total privacy at our studio or your selected venue

Creative Solutions

There is a need for proper health and fitness guidance in the workplace.  Let our knowledgeable and experienced staff work with your company to create unique health promotions, that are fully inclusive and guaranteed to motivate, such as:
Health and wellness newsletters, Workshops & seminars, Health related education materials at work, Group weight management program, Customized Group class fitness program, Tailored Personal Training Program
Boot Camps, Eco-Adventure, Urban Adventure fitness challenge;
Organize1-2 days corporate packages to selected local and interstate venues for fitness and team building program