The CKC China Kettlebell Club also known as the “CK” Crew is China’s first Official Kettlebell Community.

The Kettlebell is basically a bowling ball with a suitcase handle and unlike traditional weights are swung in many directions for high repetitions with an endless variation of dynamic movements. Although kettlebells have been around for ages only few have seen or used them before. With origins in both Russia and Greece was first used in the past few hundred years by farmers as a measuring weight and swung around as entertainment and a form of exercise. Later was adopted by the military and sports/athletic sectors to be the corner stone of Soviet fitness training and the secret weapon of endurance and explosive power. Although a favorite training device amongst strongman and circus performers lost popularity in the West in favor of isolation gym machines. In the past 10 years or so has rekindled and hit mainstream. The K-Bell trend is back! And its everywhere in the international fitness scene and now used by many top level sportsman including football, golf, power-lifting, track athletes, martial artists, wrestlers, military, fireman security etc to gain high level endurance, strength and joint mobility which so far no other machine has been able to replicate.


Recreational users will find Kettlebell training very fun and different from other conventional methods and will give men broad shoulders and develop the “V-taper”. Women get defined arms, a tighter waistline and the famous Kettlebell curvy butt! Kettlebell training also has proven popular as a rehab tool with office workers and people suffering bad backs by helping elongate the spine and rejuvenate weak joints and connective tissue.


With the only International Certified Kettlebell Instructor in Shanghai (and one of two in all of mainland China) and backed by world renowned IKFF (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation) the CKC will host classes, workshops, competitions and all things relating to kettlebell training. Classes and competitions will be based at Eternity Fitness Jingan, but will also be featured at other venues around town. CKC members have access to both classic style Russian Kettlebells and Pro-Grade Competition Kettlebells. CKC will also feature oldtime “strongman” style workouts sometimes referred to as “Primal or Spartan” Training. This will include training with Clubbells, Sleds, Rope Swinging, Sledgehammers, Sandbags, Tires, etc Don’t be underestimated by these simple tools. The work yield with full body explosive movements can shed over a thousand calories in a workout and will tone you up like no treadmill ever will! Plus its great fun and you’ll never get bored!


What are the benefits of kettlebells?

The purported benefits of kettlebells appeal to people of all fitness levels, ages and genders. Somewhere along the fitness industry lost the real definition of ‘fit’ and replaced traditional full-body exercises with isolation exercises. Lately though, this cosmetic type of training is being replaced with movement-based training, which some call functional fitness training. That’s what kettlebells provide, and individuals who want a more practical and traditional style of training are turning to kettlebells.


The benefits of kettlebell training are many.

  • Full-body conditioning. The body learns to work as one synergistic unit linked strongly together which isa more practical approach to training. Rarely in everyday movements or sports does one utilize only one pecific muscle or direction.
    • Big results by spending less time in the gym because kettlebell training involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems at once. A recent study by ACE (American Council for Exercise) concluded kettlebell training is the leading calorie burning exercise. KBs burnt out a whopping 1200 calories an hour. That about double of high intensity aerobics, kickboxing or bootcamps which come in around 500-600cal/h.
    • Increased resistance to injury by strengthening joins and connective tissue
    • The ability to work aerobically and anaerobically simultaneously.
    • Improved mobility and range of motion
    • Increased strength without increase of mass. Kettlebell exercisers are lean and toned, not bulky-a benefit that appeals to women and men alike.
    • Enhanced performance in athletics and everyday functioning


Because kettlebell lifts are more technical than traditional weight training exercises, it takes coordination and kinesthetic (body) awareness to perfect the exercises. A single exercise consists of multiple joints and muscle groups moving simultaneously, often in ways that are new and unfamiliar to most people. As the movements are different than traditional strength exercises, they take practice-and professional attention-to master. When done wrong, there is more risk than just dropping the weight on your toes or bumping yourself. Bad form could seriously injure your joints, neck, back and spine. The bottom line is to be safe-and learn how to use kettlebells from the pros. Unlike doing cardio on a bike or treadmill, you cannot just switch of and let your mind wander, using K-bells require full attention and focus all the time. With that being said, users will often find the training always interesting and will never feel bored.

How much do kettlebells weigh and where do you get them?

There are kettlebells from 1kg/ two pounds to 48/106 pounds and beyond. The really light versions under 10lbs or 6kg have virtually no use as the are too light to activate the hamstrings, core or stabilizer muscles and usually only pros use above 40kg/88pound bells. Naturally, you should start with a lower weight until your skills improve enough to try a higher weight without risk. Men usually start with a kettlebell that weighs between 12-16kg (25 and 35 pounds), while women tend to begin with a 8 or 12 kg (12 to 265pound) kettlebell, depending on their fitness level. Lighter kettlebells are not recommended for most people. It is necessary to have a kettlebell that’s heavy enough to engage your hamstrings and glutes during the swing, the most basic kettlebell exercise. A weight that is too light may encourage improper form. But more importantly, you’ll derive little to no benefit from using such a lightweight kettlebell. Currently most commercial gyms in China and worldwide do not feature kettlebells. The can only be found in specialty training facilities and used by a few personal trainers. You can purchase both classic and pro grade style kettlebells in any size from the Pro Shop at Eternity Fitness.

 Which sportsman and celebrities use kettlebells?

You can often tell the popularity of a training method by how many professional and celebrities use them. In most cases they want a training protocol that delivers the most effective results in the shortest time. Here’s a few famous people that regularly train with kettlebells.
BJ Penn (UFC fighter), Randy Couture (UFC fighter), Kostya Tszu (Pro Boxer) Reggie Saunders-(Pro Baseball player), Tiger Woods (Pro Golfer), Sylvester Stallone (Actor), Penelope Cruz(Actor), Bruce Lee (Actor/Martial Artist), Lance Armstrong (Athlete), Mathew McConaughey (Actor), Jennifer Aniston (Actor), Kim Bassinger (Actor), Jennifer Lopez (Actor/singer), Jessica Beil (Actor), Angelina Jolie (Actor), Salma Hayek (Actor) Scarlett Johanson (Actor)