Personal Training

ETERNITY VIP PERSONAL TRAINING SHANGHAI represents the gold standard in high-end one-on-one customized coaching in China. With a proven track record,  hundreds of satisfied clients and over 25, 000 sessions conducted is the number one choice for specialized workouts for the fitness connoisseur looking for serious top notch training.

ETERNITY remains the market leader by providing its members with the most effective training equipment, the most up-to-date information and exceptional levels of service delivered in a fun and inspiring atmosphere making your training experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


Comprehensive Exercise Portfolio

ETERNITY VIP PERSONAL TRAINING brings to you the most extensive personal training program in the country. Instruction & techniques can be given to sports specific training including
Losing Body Fat; Develop Muscle Tone; Rehabilitate an Injury; Nutrition Education; Starting an Exercise Program/ Introduction to Training; Design a more advanced program; Safety; Increase Muscle Size; Cardio Training; Strength Training; Core Training; Flexibility; Sports Specific Training (over 40 types) including Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Self Defense Kettlebell, Cross training, Olympic Weight Lifting etc

Equipment and training utilized include machines, free weights, barbells, dumbbells, step blocks, target pads, cardio equipment, medicine balls, stability balls, bodyweight, plyometrics, bands, suspension training, kettlebells, boxing equipment, ropes, ankle weights, wrist weights, sandbags, heavy ropes etc incorporating pyramid, volume training, power lifts,  supersets, drop sets, giant sets, HIIT, circuits and much more!

We also do specific cases of injury rehabilitation, pre & post natal and other preparation training using yoga and pilates, recovery training, pregnancy yoga, sports specific training such as golf, yoga, swimming, aqua fit, mixed martial arts etc

Our clients range from busy office workers, businessman, CEOs, diplomats, doctors, lawyers, bankers, housewives, sportsman including track, triathlon, golfers, mountain climbers, military, rugby, soccer, martial artists etc.  Our youngest  is 6 years old and we also have several pushing 70!



Keeping you motivated and on track to achieve your goals
This is not a “cookie cutter” ( same same) workout given to everyone.
A detailed analysis and assessment of your current lifestyle and fitness level will be used to develop a program specific to your needs. Body measurements, Body Fat %, blood pressure and various test applications will be used to formulate an appropriate workout plan to reach your desired goal. Constant motivation and reassessments will make sure to keep you on track!

I Have NO TIME for gym

HIT X (High Intensity Training Express) system has been developed for those with busy schedules or want to get the workout over and done with as quickly as possible. If you have spent hours in the gym to see little results or have “no time” then this program is right for you.
Combining the best and most practical of all weight training programs HIT X was created as the ideal training program for the busy individual.  It is a 30 minute high intensity, full body workout with guaranteed results. Once or twice a week is all you’ll need to get your new body, but beware you will get worked!

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Multiple Personal Trainers

Unlike the so called trainers that “know-it- all”  at ETERNITY we give you the option to work with as many trainers as you like for variety and specific expertise in various disciplines, train with just one or be like Madonna and have three!  Choose expert instruction for Strength, Kick-Boxing, Mixed Martial arts, Pilates etc

On-Site Personal Training

For convenience, or if you already have a gym you train at, we can also send our qualified trainers directly to your doorstep. But if possible make your way to our studio, where we have the best environment and equipment to train with.

Not all Trainers are created equal

In recent years there’s been many cons, more and more expats coming to China reinventing themselves and claiming to be the “BEST” in various fitness and health professions and “owners” of imaginary businesses. Throughout China, many are not certified, bogus experience and freelancing with no real base or registered company. Some also have fake or copied websites!  Here one day gone the next! Unfortunately there are many scams happening all the time.  You get what you pay for. How much is your health worth? If a trainer is reputable than they will not be hustling for discounted rates. Is an injury or being conned really worth saving a few RMB? BEWARE!