ETERNITY FITNESS is  famous for high intensity hardcore classes in the city to get you results FAST! Whether you goal is fat burning, gaining muscle, or seeking motivation we have a program that’s suitable for you. Our training can be used as a standalone program which can be set for anyone training 2 to 5+ days a week or as a addition to enhance your own specific sport or outside activity.

Regular class schedule will change monthly according to demand and student progression. All classes available for private bookings with minimum 4 people at the studio and 6 people at your chosen venue.

WOD “Workout of the Day”

Workouts are short & intense, and incorporate elements of gymnastics, olympic & power lifting, rowing, track, bodyweight calisthenics and circuit training.  The training is hard and uncompromising, but you will be in the best shape of your life!  The group environment is competitive but friendly, and will push you to perform at your best. This is a complete training system for all round performance with different week to week programmed workouts!




Training Objective: All round functional strength and conditioning for real world application

Equipment: Sandbags, ropes, pads, fuel cans, tires, plyo boxes, medicine balls, sleds and anything else we can find!

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prepare for the zombie apocalypse!

Oldtime “strongman” style workouts sometimes referred to as “Primal or Spartan” Training is the epitome of old-school hardcore. Train how the caveman and warriors have done for thousands of years. Prepare to climb, jump, pull , run, carry and swing every type of odd object imaginable. Lots of torsion twisting rotation movements. Every session is different and will include interesting and unique training with Clubbells, Sleds, Rope Swinging, Sledgehammers, Sandbags, Tires, Rocks, Barrles etc Don’t be underestimated by these simple tools. The work yield with full body explosive movements will shed over a thousand calories in a workout and will tone you up like no treadmill ever will!

The ultimate hardcore circuit again the first and only, will challenge you to your limit, tone up every muscle and incinerate fat off the your body, leaving you buzzing with the endorphine high! Get your body ready for some serious abuse.. these tools will break you down every time leaving you with hit by a truck feeling for the next few days..



Olympic Weightlifting


Olympic weightlifting- the king of barbell exercises involves lifting a loaded barbell over head in a very explosive and efficient manner. The two major lifts are “the Snatch” “worlds most technical and fastest lift” and the most powerful lift “Clean and Jerk” both are very technical movements for elite sportsman and can be practiced as a stand alone sport or addition to any serious strength program.

These lifts train athletes to effectively activate more muscle fibers more rapidly than through any other modality of training. The explosiveness that results from this training is vital necessity to every sport. Practicing the Olympic lifts teaches one to apply force to muscle groups in proper sequence ie from the centre of the body to its extremities. Learning this vital technical lesson benefits all athletes who need to impart force to another person or object as is commonly required in all sports. These movements also condition the body to receive such forces from another moving body both safely and effectively.

The benefits of Olympic weightlifting include strength, speed power, and flexibility. Also the Clean & Jerk, and Snatch will develop coordination agility, accuracy and balance. These movements will also elicit a profound neuroendocrine response basically meaning it will smash you hormone and nervous system leading to additional hormone production and fat burning.

CrossFight MMA Mixed Martial Arts


UFC style ultimate fighting is quickly become more an more popular for martial artist looking to train in complete system utilizing the best of all types of fighting from stand up strikes punches, kicks, take downs and submissions . This high energy class will not only teach you how to defend and stop attackers but also a great cardiovascular workout! Suitable for all levels, come down and give it a try, you’ll be hooked!

Power Bodybuilding


For people looking to gain strength or size, Shanghai Barbell Club is the place for heavy olympic and powerlifting movements.There’s no cardio or crossfit just focusing on the three big lifts, presses, deadlifts and squats. Assistance drills incorporating dumbells bands and plyoboxes as well. to bring up weak points and asset overall development. suitable for all levels.


mostly bodyweight high repetitions for endurance , stamina and fat burning. Expect high speed and elevated heartate for all round conditioning. anyone can do it!